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How to install NSK Linear Guide

             Correct installation of NSK Linear Guides is important for long life, low friction, and high accuracy. In this video you will learn the proper procedure to install NSK Linear Guides, a product essential for linear motion applications.


– Remove burrs and particles from base mounting surface using oil stone and rag

– Place the straight edge in the middle of base

– Confirm the straightness of rail mounting shoulder (Repeat for the other side)

– Confirm the straightness of rail mounting surface (Repeat for the other side)

– Clean linear guide rail mounting surface

– Mount the linear guide rail

– Install rail mounting bolts loosely

– Install the shoulder plates loosely, then tighten with specified torque

–  Torque down rail mounting bolts. Follow the correct tightening sequence. Confirm the straightness (lateral) of master rail.

– Confirm the 2nd rail straightness (lateral) and parallelism (lateral) against master rail.

– Confirm the height error between master rail and 2nd rail.

– If you don´t have straight edge, check parallelism of master and 2nd rail using the following method.

–  Attach moving table. Check that the table moves smoothly.

–  Confirm the straightness (vertical) at table center, make sure it is within your requirements.

–  Confirm the straightness (lateral) at table center