Broken Tips

HST has developed a proprietary method for repairing broken tips and damaged tapers on dicing spindles.  Our process restores your damaged spindle to OEM like new condition.

Our 6 step repair process can save you thousands of dollars by repairing a spindle rather than replacing it. The spindle will be precision balanced and run like new.

Below is a typical example of a broken tip repair.

          Dicing spindle with a broken tip                                    Dicing spindle with a repaired tip

The front end of a spindle is super critical.  To accurately dice wafers or slice other material the spindle must operate with sub-micron tolerances. HST has developed a repair technic and grinding capabilities to meet or exceed those demanding tolerances.

Worn or damaged shaft tapers can result in unacceptable cuts, large kerfs and fracturing along the edge of the cut. A perfect taper is absolutely necessary for a perfect cut or slice.  HST has developed a 3 step process we call GPG to perfectly restore your taper surfaces.

                  Typical taper damage                              A typical taper repair damage using our GPG process.