Spindle Repairing Service

High Speed Technologies Inc, HST

Repair and rebuild precision high speed spindles to original factory condition. Precision high speed spindle balancing and OEM equivalent warranty. Each of HST senior technicians has over 15 years’ experience repairing spindles.

VDO Content

  • HST highly trained technicians are like surgeons and their work area is more like an operating room than a machine shop
  • The specialty equipment required to repair machine tool spindles such as certified tests bars
  • Replace all drawbar springs and set the pull force using calibrated dynameters
  • All rotating components will be balanced on one of the Schenck balancers
  • Run spindle up to full speed on their SPINDEL high frequency drive
  • Spindle has to passes stringent vibration testing and analysis
  • HST has precision metering system to make sure your spindle bearings will get just the right amount of high-performance lubrication for maximum life and speed
  • HST in-house grinding that can restore damaged tapers internals with their GPG process
  • Only the very best top name-brand super precision spindle bearings names like NSK, GMN, FAG and SKF are used
  • Provide a free no-obligation quote as soon as we receive your spindle it gets a complete examination
  • HST will restore your spindle to like-new condition they’ll get it back to you fast
  • Precision high speed spindle are repaired and balanced to OEM equivalent with full warranty
  • HST receive spindles for repairing from all over the world