Purity FG Greases

PURITY FG Greases Food Grade lubricants provide:

  • outstanding lubrication and pumpability over a wide range of temperatures
  • superior equipment protection under shock loading conditions
  • exceptional resistance to water washout and water jet spray loss

PURITY FG Greases also provide excellent protection of gears, bearings, and equipment from wear and corrosion.

Purity FG Synthetic Greases

Calcium sulphonate complex food grade greases that are effective across a wide range of temperature extremes.

Purity FG2 EXTREME Greases

Greater protection of bearings and equipment when operating under heavy loads.

Purity FG2 Clear Greases

Provides excellent wear protection in anti-friction bearings, slides, guides and couplings where clear food grade grease provides greater visibility of contaminants.

Purity FG2 Grease with MICROL™ MAX

Aluminum complex food grade grease that contain antimicrobial preservative to protect the food grade grease from microorganisms that can cause product degradation and odours.


PURITY FG2 MULTI PURPOSE is a Calcium Sulfonate complex H1 grease that delivers outstanding wear and extreme pressure protection, with excellent mechanical stability in the presence of heat and water. Ideal for wide operating temperatures, rust prevention and enhanced resistance to water washout; it is a solution for all types of food processing and general industrial applications.

Provides strong resistance to water washout and spray loss, and effective protection against rust and corrosion.